Pomegranate Bergamot Goji Italiano


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 Peridot Pure
 Peridot Pure
 Peridot Pure


Subtle in taste, slightly tart and zesty with a touch of sweetness. Boost your immune system and mood.  A pure blend of three superfoods that are known for improving energy, ability to focus, mental acuity, and feelings of well-being. 

Reach for it any time, any day drink it straight-up or add it to your still or sparkling water.  This juice is great to have when you hit that afternoon slump or during/after your workout to assist with performance and recovery.  Then later take this drink into your evening to elevate your mocktail or cocktail with this pure restorative.

Sip and savour...

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Sip purely, add to still or sparkling water, or create an amazing mocktail or cocktail.

Cocktails: Pairs well with vodka, tequila, gin and spiced rum

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Refrigerate after opening and for optimal freshness drink within 10 days.

Cold pressed, undiluted, organically pure -- shake well as the good bits (fruit nutrients) settle at the bottom!                    

Pomegranate, Bergamot Goji Italiano - 200mL
Nutritional Information

Ingredients: 78% organic pomegranate juice, 15% organic bergamot orange juice, 7% organic goji berry juice

Cold pressed and never from concentrate. 

With no added preservatives, sugars, extracts, or artificial ingredients

Non-GMO   Vegan   Gluten Free
O.R.A.C. Certified

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 Peridot Pure
 Peridot Pure
 Peridot Pure