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How many days can I drink after opening?

Refrigerate juice after opening. For best quality and freshness use within 10 days of opening -- must refrigerate.

Our juices do not contain preservatives.

What's the difference between Concentrate and Not From Concentrate juices?

The difference is based on the production processes:

  • Concentrate Juice: This process starts with fruit juice extraction, followed by filtration and dehydration to remove most of the water, creating a concentrated juice. Before packaging, water is added back and heat-pasteurized to eliminate pathogens. Sometimes, additives are included for taste enhancement.
  • Not From Concentrate Juice: The fruit is pressed without going through concentration and reconstitution, bottled and then pasteurized. Consequently, it retains its natural water content, flavors, and sugars.

Nutritional Comparison

  • Concentrate Juice contains some essential vitamins and minerals, but the concentration process may cause a slight loss of nutrients, especially delicate ones like vitamin C. It might have lower levels of these nutrients compared to Not From Concentrate juice.
  • Not From Concentrate Juice is typically more nutrient-rich since it's made from fresh fruits with minimal processing. It maintains higher levels of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, making it a healthier option for those aiming for maximum nutritional benefits.

Tell me about the sugar content.

There are no added sugars. The sugar content, listed on the nutrition label, represents the sugar that’s naturally found in the fruit. 

Why are there variations in color or a separation of juice?

Our juice is crafted in its purest form, it is not cooked. No nutrients are subjected to high heat, nor are nutritious bit of fruit removed. It's just juice in its unadulterated state. Therefore, if you notice a little separation, simply give it a  shake!

What type of bottles do you use?

Glass BPA-free bottles. Do re-use them and do recycle!

I love the idea of a Gift Card but what if I would like to place an order as a gift?

You can send any order as a gift. Please write your gift note in the Notes section at check-out.  If you have a special request shoot us an email at .

Can you ship to a PO Box?

We cannot ship to PO boxes.

What happens if my juice bottles are damaged in transport?

We do our best to package everything securely however, if your order arrives damaged please let us know at Please include a photo.

Do you accept cancellations?

Our team processes orders rather quickly and thus, we are not able to cancel once an individual order has been submitted. 

What is your return policy?

We accept returns for products that remain unopened and in their original, intact condition. To qualify for a refund or replacement, the returned item(s) must be undamaged and returned in the same condition as when you received them.

Can I apply more than one discount to my order?

There is a limit of one discount per order.