Keeping it simple, keeping it pure...

Peridot Pure came about from our longing for the pure fruit juices we would enjoy in our homeland Calabria, Italy, especially the ones featuring the bergamot orange. There was something about these superfruit juices that just made you feel so much better. With the strong belief that what you consume impacts your mind and body we set on a quest to source the finest ingredients from small family farms and kept to the mantra that “less” is actually more – no additives and no over-processing.

Our elixirs are organically pure, authentically good, and deliciously nutritious. They can be enjoyed throughout the day – whether it is at the start of your morning, an afternoon pick-me-up, or your go-to aperitif in the evening, you will feel a difference.

Why “peridot pure”? /’pear-a-dot pure’/

Peridot, a beautiful green stone born from the earth’s core, symbolizes life and light. Ancient Greeks and Romans believed it to be a healing gem that brought good health, as well as balance and harmony to the body and mind, promoting vitality, strength, and new growth.

Healthy soil, healthy food…

Calabria is the region at the toe of Italy’s boot and is surrounded on three sides by the Ionian and the Tyrrhenian Seas. Named Calabria, “fertile earth” by the Byzantines, it continues to create the ideal conditions for farming with its volcanic-rich soil, mix of clean mountain and sea air, and Mediterranean climate, all leading to produce the purest and most flavorful of fruits.

The farms we source from are 100% organic and non-GMO which means no chemicals in your food, the soil, or the air. They follow the best practices for environmental, social and economic sustainability of food production. *

Better food, better planet.

* Farm Sustainability Assessment Verified