Our Story

Growing up in a small village in Calabria, Italy, life was simple in ways that seem almost dreamy now.

Fresh, delicious food – homegrown and homemade – was as central to our lives as the sun. Scattered among the rose bushes and bright pink bougainvillea growing in our garden there were grapevines, tomato plants and fig trees; prickly pears, zucchini, and eggplant. Between that bounty and the abundance of fruit ripe for the picking throughout the village, it was impossible not to eat healthfully and well. What didn’t grow in your garden, you could surely find at your relative’s or neighbor’s. It was not uncommon to find a bountiful basket of fruit or vegetables on your doorstep!

In 1970, our family immigrated to the U.S. – our brave, humble parents with their two little girls and another on the way and a big American dream. Forty years later, when our father passed away, our mother reflected on their life together and how, thanks to the many wonderful people who helped along the way, they built a new foundation in a new country and community that she loved. The one thing she still missed, was the joyful ease of walking into a garden for a delicious, healthy treasure.

On trips to the Italian hamlet of her youth, she would once again indulge in the bounty of those gardens and feel restored, especially by the delicious fruit juices featuring the bergamot orange, something she rarely found in the U.S. Believing in their powerful goodness and eager to share these juices with her friends back home, she brought the idea to her daughters, and together we founded Peridot Pure.

A family endeavor made up of three sisters and their very persuasive mom, Peridot Pure’s vitamin-rich organic fruit juices blend our family’s American dream together with the dream of a simpler time and place, when good, healthy food was right outside your door. We want to bring you the next best thing!

So, drink in the joy that comes from the earth’s goodness and, from our family to yours, Vivi la vita migliore!